About Our Membership

NBTA certificate holders are more than just attorneys. They are spouses, parents, active members of their communities, hobbyists, and writers. "About NBTA's Members" is devoted to providing insight into who and what we are as an organization by sharing stories by or about our members. The stories will vary in content and voice but they will share the common goal of sharing some nugget of truth or wisdom.

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Lessons From the Coroner

Kenneth Anthony (Civil, 1999) shares a story about seizing the moment.

I recently had what I can only describe as a surreal conversation with our local coroner. Surreal is the only word I can think of to approach the feeling I had while engaged in the telephone conversation with this elected official when the impact of what he had just said sunk in. < Read >

A Day in the Life of a Juror

Thomas J. Welk (Civil ,1995) writes about serving as a juror.

On November 29, 2001 I had the opportunity and the privilege to serve as a juror in a simple criminal case. As a lawyer, this experience made me much more sensitive to the experience of jurors. < Read >

NBTA Member Juggles American Practice with Life and Work in Greece John W. deGravelles (Civil , 1999) receives a Fulbrite scholarship to teach law school in Thessaloniki, Greece.

How can a full time practicing trial lawyer live and work in another county for five months and keep his litigation practice going? "That's what I agonized over," said John W. deGravelles, a partner in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana civil litigation firm of deGravelles, Palmintier, Holthaus and Fruge and a member certified by NBTA as a civil trial advocate since October of 1995. < Read >

Back to School

Mark A Dubois ( Civil, 1995) writes about becoming a law professor.

A great philosopher has said that an unexamined life is not worth living. Yet it's often hard (if not impossible) when we are involved in the day to day battles of a busy trial practice to step back and take a moment to look at the "why" as well as the "what" of our professional lives. < Read >

Oral, Public, Adversarial Trials

James H. Manahan writes about teaching in Chile for a semester.

I just returned from Valdivia, Chile, where I taught a semester of criminal law at the Austral (Southern) University Law School. Chile is changing its criminal justice system to be more like ours in the United States. < Read >