New Board Certification fees for all specialties: 

$400 Application fee (due upon submission and non-refundable)

$400 Examination/Certification fee. Please note: The following state civil and criminal exams are recognized by us in lieu of taking our examination: AZ, FL, NJ, NM and TX

Recertification fee for all specialties:

$400 (every five years)

$300 (Sr.status-every 5 years)

Annual Reporting fee for all specialties: 

$295 (plus $50 for each additional certification)

$200 (Sr. status-no additional fee for multiple certifications)

$100 (government employees)

A portion of the fee will be applied to maintain our ABA Accreditation. This annual reporting fee is separate from all other filings (e.g. State collections and recertification).

State fees: 

Various states require an accreditation fee from us; please contact the office for those states.

*All fees are subject to change without notice.


Important state requirements 
All applicants to the NBTA who are members of the Florida Bar (Civil, Criminal & Family) must have first secured board certification through the Florida Bar in the same area applied for through the NBTA.