In the spotlight this week is Ohio attorney Gary J. Gary is the principal attorney at Leppla Associates, which serves individuals, businesses and family clients in a litigation practice emphasizing business and property matters, injury claims, malpractice, land use and ethics.

Gary is a former president of the Ohio State Bar Association and the Dayton Bar Association. His reported decisions before the Ohio Supreme Court include a precedential decision recognized in the right of an abused child to maintain the cause of action for the failure of authorities to respond to reports of abuse. 

Where did you go to law school?
Ohio State University Moritz College of Law

How long have you been in practice?
37 years 

In what areas of law are you NBTA certified?
Civil Pretrial, Civil Trial

Where are you licensed to practice?
Ohio & Florida

Why is NBTA membership important to you?
It challenged me to formally sharpen and examine my skills. It allows recognition of qualifications in the competitive litigation environment. 

What would you say to another attorney about why they should become board certified?
Test yourself. And let your opponents know that you go the extra mile.

What areas of law do you have experience in beyond your areas of certification?
Professional Ethics, Medical Malpractice, Probate Litigation

Why did you decide to become a lawyer?
To equip myself to have an impact on important issues, and to serve clients in need. 

What made you choose the area of law in which you practice?
Desire to serve underserved clients.

What's been most rewarding about your career?
Helping people.

In your opinion, what makes a successful lawyer?
Hard work, preparation and toughness.

What advice would you give to a young professional considering law school?
Do it out of a commitment to service.  

Do you have any published works?
As a past president of the Ohio State Bar Association I published several articles, public statements,etc. I have created seminar materials, and presented, on matters of Ethics and matters of Litigation. As an advocate for the League of Women Voters there have been several opportunities to comment, publish and speak on matters of good government.  

What causes are important to you and why?
The cause of the underserved plaintiff, the advance of balance legislative districts, and speaking for those who most need a voice.  

Share an example of a case that made a difference.
A hospital began stocking "blood clot-busting" drugs as a consequence of our suit for their absence.