Our Mission

Theodore I KoskoffTheodore I. Koskoff, NBTA FOUNDER (1913-1987)
Inform and educate the public concerning legal representation by board certified specialists.

Recognize and promote excellence in legal advocacy through a national program certifying specialists predicated on high standards of demonstrated competence and integrity.


Choose a Board Certified Trial Lawyer


The legal profession is a flooded market, and it is often difficult to find an attorney who will be competent in handling your legal matter.  There are plenty of websites with lawyer listings to locate attorneys who have passed the bar exam, but those websites do not really assist in the process of choosing the best attorney to handle your case and in the area where you need assistance. 

Board certification by the NBTA takes out the question of whether an attorney is competent in a given area of law, by providing information to the consumer of legal services that is, unlike many lawyer organizations, verifiable and objective based.  Board certification allows the client to know they are choosing someone ethical, knowledgeable, well respected with both their colleagues & the courts, and have a clear, proven level of proficiency.

NBTA certified attorneys have demonstrated skill & expertise and proven it through rigorous examination & testing by an American Bar Association (ABA) accredited organization.  Additionally each attorney who is board certified, must demonstrate substantial involvement in their chosen specialty. Board certification means the consumers of legal services can make a meaningful and informed decision when selecting counsel, providing their legal case every chance of success.