Examination Waiver Information applies to:

  • AAML Fellows
  • Arizona - Civil & Criminal Applicants,
  • Florida - Civil, Criminal and Family Applicants,
  • Minnesota - Civil Applicants,
  • New Jersey – Civil*, Criminal* and Family* Applicants,
  • New Mexico - Civil Applicants and
  • Texas – Civil** & Criminal Applicants 

*In addition to taking New Jersey's Examination, NBTA's NJ applicants must also take the Ethics section of the NBTA Examination.

**We currently recognize both the Texas (TBLS) Personal Injury Trial Law Examination and the Civil Trial Law Examination toward our Civil Certification.

One important requirement of the National Board of Trial Advocacy certification process is passing a written examination in the area of certification.  The purpose of the examination is to test your proficiency, knowledge, and experience in trial law.  Since your state board examination’s test those same attributes, the NBTA recognizes the examinations from the states/organizations listed above in lieu of taking the NBTA examination.

To obtain a waiver from the NBTA examination requirement, please contact the Executive Director from the state agency or organization by which you are certified and acquire a letter on official stationary that confirms the following:

  1. that you have taken and passed the state or organization certification examination
  2. that you are currently certified, have continuously maintained your certification, and are in good standing with that agency

Please send to:

Gwen Arcangelo, Assistant Director
National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA)
850 Franklin Street, Suite 8
Wrentham, Massachusetts  02093